Google Plus HoverCard Your Online Business Card

3 Tips to Optimize Your Google Plus Hover Card

What message does your G+ hover card convey? Your hovercard is your Google online business card:

Your Google Plus Hover Card is the  pop-up that displays when a user arrows over your name on G+. Viewers can see how many followers you have in common and have the option to follow you right from your hover card.

3 Tips to Optimize Your G+ Hover Card

Both Google + profiles and business pages have hover cards, but they display slightly different information: (note: For some unknown Google reason not all hover cards display the same information or the same number of characters.)

           Profile                                                               Page

• Name                                                               • Name
• Tagline                                                             • Tagline
• Employer                                                         • Profile image
• Profile image                                                  • Cover image
• Cover image
• Places
• Website

Your Google + information comes from what you enter in your About section. When your G+ profile is found on Google and other search engines, your Google Plus About section displays in SERP snippets:

Optimize your G+ About section

Promote Your Brand Identity: 3 Tips to Optimize Your G+ Hover Card

1. Complete your About section

Verify that each section of your About profile is complete and strategically uses keywords, hashtags and facts at the beginning of each section so your viewers see your important information. Your hover card displays the 1st 35-44 characters of your tagline.

2.  Customize the content to your needs

Not every section in About may be relevant to your business. Don’t leave a section blank, and limit your opportunity to promote your services. In irrelevant fields enter information about your business that you want delivered to your audience. If you don’t want to share what city you live in, under Places you could enter Global Clientele

3.  Update your profile image and cover image

The images you display are the 1st impression viewers have of you on G+. Make sure your Google + photos deliver the right message about who you are and what you what viewers to know about you.

tip: Review hover cards for people and businesses you respect or follow

Competitors, entrepreneurs, small business and giant brands are all idea sources for your hover card profile. If a competitor’s hover card looks boring, while a big brand you respect is creative or humorous, consider modeling your hover card in the style you admire.

For More Information on Hover Cards
WebSight: Google Plus Hovercard: the ultimate personal branding tool



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