10 Tips from PR Pros

Who do you follow on Twitter? We follow some brilliant PR gals and guys; here are a few of their genius #PRtips we found on Twitter:

Genius PR Tweets

1. Christina Daves  @PRforAnyone 

Your website, blog, FB, Twitter, etc. are your calling card. Make them

2. Symone PR  @SymonePR

A lesson for : take the time to determine precisely what’s behind a hashtag:

3.  Katie Bromley

Write for people first, then SEO.

4. The PR Princess

Dress for success This applies to networking, interviews & anything else that involves your professional life. Dress the part.

5. Allyn Lewis

“Every good pitch has a hook – like a song, there should be something that gets stuck in your head.”

PR tips

6. Montage PR

is all about creating lasting impressions in the minds of consumers. The easiest way to do so it to be consistent!

7.  Anderson Media Group

#PRtip Be polite and respectful to media at all times; that one certain person could make or break you down the line ; )

8.  Lisa Devaney & Group

4 by “Before you start pitching, think about what is truly newsworthy for publications you’re targeting.”

9. Cyndy Hoenig

The most effective weapon in your marketing arsenal is the “Share” button.

10. Tale Spin PR

PR depends upon listening to the conversation & understanding the who, what, when, where, why and how of engaging in the discussion

Whether you’re a seasoned PR Pro or new to public relations, PR is continuously evolving. Stay current with PR trends and topics on Twitter: just validate that you’re following the PR real deals.

For More Information on PR Trends
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