Tour du Cancervive Case Study

Case Study: Tour du Cancervive

Cancervive Foundation of Alberta (Cancervive) is a non-profit organization established to raise awareness and support for Canadian Cancer Survivors and their families.
Completely volunteer based, 100% of all donated funds are directed
to our
partner Wellspring, a network of cancer support centres in Calgary and Edmonton, AB. 

Case Study: Tour du Cancervive 2014


Tour du Cancervive is a bike ride to raise funds for Canadian cancer survivors and their families. 2014 is the 9th annual Cancervive; and Tour du Cancervive is the first bike ride entirely in
Alberta, from Edmonton to Calgary. A late project launch created an additional challenge to
recruit riders and community support, and an unexpected snowstorm challenged the kick-off of the bike ride.


Alchemy Communications created a public relations campaign to attract donors, riders and
media for Tour du Cancervive:

  • Facebook and Twitter social media campaign to attract supporters and raise awareness
    • launched Facebook page
  • 4 artwork designs with 10 variations to use for social media, advertisements and media
  • press releases to key media contacts and outlets
  • Thank You book for each of the Wellspring bikers


The Tour du Cancervive campaign successfully attracted riders, supporters and media
attention, despite a snowstorm which impacted media efforts and the ride:

  • 27 riders completed a 4-day, 450km ride from Edmonton to Calgary
  • Tour du Cancervive raised more than $80,000 for Wellspring Calgary and Edmonton
  • +50 volunteers supported the planning and actual bike ride
  • generous donors and sponsors supported the Cancervive bikers with funding and ride support
  • media coverage in 15 different outlets

Alchemy Communications created this graphic design to raise awareness for Tour du Cancervive:

Tour du Cancervive Keep Calm and Pedal On

A few photos from the Tour du Cancervive:

Tour du Cancervive 2014 despite the snowstorm


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