PR trends in 2014

PR Then and Now: Trends for 2014

Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.

~ Richard Branson, entrepreneur

This infographic by InkHouse tells the story of the evolution of public relations. If you just graduated with a degree in Communications and are starting your PR career, the left THEN column sounds so last century! PR is a now a digital industry: and with rapidly changing technology public relations professionals are the ‘new-again’ gatekeepers of content.

The data in the infographic is nearly 2 years old,

here are a few PR trends we’re seeing in 2014:

  • PR = Content Marketing – public relations professionals are the original content strategists
  • Visual Marketing – storytelling with pictures is key to capturing the attention of viewers that expect an image to disappear in 10 seconds
  • Marketing to Millennials – millennials rely on social media for brand information and peer referrals
  • Headlines in 140 Characters – if you can’t tweet it, don’t bother saying it at all
  • Information is Mobile – mobile search and viewing versus fixed is growing: 2014 is the year mobile will overtake fixed viewing; 89% of mobile viewing is via apps (Nielsen)
  • Email Marketing is Back – once proclaimed dead; smart, targeted email marketing is used by 65% of B2C brands – and growing (UberFlip)

PR Then and Now infographic


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