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Social Media 101: 5 Terms You Need to Know Today

 Tweet replies are public. Everybody can read them.

~ Chef

Are you overwhelmed by all the new social media lingo? Some social terminology is very basic and understandable: but some social media terms are not as transparent as they appear. Many social media terms are used incorrectly: leading to misconceptions about how social works, and frustration with using social media. If you don’t understand how social media works, you will not be satisfied with the results of your small business’ social media campaign.

5 Basic Social Media Terms You Need to Know


Social media channels are the tools or networks you use to share and read information shared on social media. Just as you watch your favorite TV channels, you can concentrate on your favorite social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are some of the most popular channels.


Each social media channel has a way for you to choose what information you are most interested, and want displayed on your screen. When you follow a business, a friend or a public figure you are instructing that channel that you want to see everything that user posts on that channel.


Engagement in social media is building a relationship with your followers by starting and joining in conversations on social channels. If you post a complaint about your airline on social media, when the airline responds to your comments they are engaging with you.

Hashtag #

HubSpot defines a # hashtag as a word or string of characters that starts with the number sign – #. Hashtags are a way to organize data on social media channels, and make it easy to find information you are searching for.


Trending means that a specific term is one of the most popular phrases being used on the internet at that moment. For example, during the Super Bowl #SuperBowl48 might be trending because many people are watching the game and typing that phrase on search engines.

If you don’t understand how social media works, you will not be satisfied with the results of your small business’ social media campaign. Whether you’re doing your own social media marketing, or if you’ve hired a professional to run your social media campaign, your social media efforts will be more effective when you’re able to understand and communicate your needs and expectations.

For More Information on Social Media Terms:
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