why Gen Y donates to nonprofits

How Millennials Donate to NonProfit Organizations

While Millennials may not have the resources to donate money in large amounts, they are giving. Gen-Y is also much more willing to fundraise for an organization by asking their networks to contribute to their personal campaigns. Below are some statistics that show how Gen Y-ers donated in 2012 to bolster causes and contribute to nonprofit organizations.

Gen-Y Giving Online vs. Giving Offline:

• Slightly more than half of Millennials were interested in monthly donations.
• 83% of respondents made a financial gift to an organization in 2012.
• 84% of Gen Y-ers said they did or wanted to donate via a website during the year.
• Surprise! Just one in 10 of respondents preferred to give over the phone.

Millennials Donate and Encourage Others:

• Nearly half (49%) of Millennials are most likely to donate when they know how their gift will impact an organization’s work.
• 40% of respondents donated between $1 and $50 to nonprofits in 2012, while 23% gave between $51-$100.
• Seven out of 10 Gen Y-ers said they were willing to raise money on behalf of a nonprofit they care about.
• 46% indicated they prefer asking people to donate to a designated nonprofit in lieu of personal gifts.

The statistics demonstrate that Gen-Y is motivated to make financial donations to nonprofit organizations and encouraged to give more when they understand what the organization does and how the money will be used.

For More Information
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